ABOUT Riverside Training

Changing the way estate planning is taught

For a long time, the way estate planning has been taught has been the same. It’s full of cold, hard facts that are difficult to apply – and it causes families to avoid planning even more.

We created Riverside Training to change all that.

By combining technical smarts, teaching ability and a relentless drive towards simplifying content, we’re making estate planning easier to understand and accessible to everyone. Our management has various training design qualifications like ACTA, CELTA and ACLP.

Why Choose Us?

We really know estate planning.

We wrote the ultimate book on estate planning for the modern family. We brought together 30 practitioners from 12 countries to cover a broad range of family, business and cross-border topics.

We created the CLPA program with the ambition to transform the financial planning industry. Through CLPA, we envision a future where every family has a proper estate plan that is adequately funded, is continually updated and brings peace and joy to families.

Planning Your Will Trust LPA and More book by Keon Chee

Our Areas of Training

Certified Legasy Planners Associate (CLPA)

The best broad-based and uncomplicated Estate Planning program to boost your financial planning practice.

English for Sales

Learn the necessary English skills to succeed and speak confidently in financial planning.

Financial Literacy

Our program guides teenagers to manage wealth responsibly and with the values you cherish.