Financial literacy (FL)

Financial literacy for kids

Children today have more money of their own and more pressure to spend it – than in all of history. Parents are stretched everyday with family activities and home chores, and they have much less time today due to maintaining two incomes. Children need more guidance than ever about how to treat money responsibly and with restraint.

Introducing the 4 Pillars of Wealth (POW).


Financial Choices

Preparing Wealth for the Family

Intellectual Choices

Preparing the Family for Wealth

Emotional Choices

Helping Children Lead Successful Lives

A Ring of Positivity

Building emotional resilience

Course Outline

• This 1-day course teaches parents and their children to build a life-long passion for financial literacy. While money isn’t everything, most higher-level activities like having a happy life and building a successful career are not possible when a family struggles financially.

The course has been developed by a father of 7 home schooled children who left his job as a radio and TV host to become a personal wealth manager in order to “hang out with his kids together with my wife”.

Introduction – Why too much money can be a bad thing

  • Pillar 1 – Preparing Wealth for the Family
    Maintaining a stable income
    Insurance & Investing for the family
    Making the hard choices early
  • Pillar 2 – Preparing the Family for Wealth
    Financial literacy
    Entrepreneural activities
    Philanthropic activities
  • Pillar 3 -Helping Children Lead Successful Lives
    Learning their strengths
    Enhancing their strengths
    Becoming inspirational
  • Pillar 4 – Building emotional resilience
    An attitude of positivity
    Reframe the situation
  • POW for future generations
    Start them early
    Inspire them to be ambassadors
    Success begets success
Course Duration

1 day course.

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