Modern Estate Planning – Module 1 (MEP1)


Learn about the Will, Trust and LPA. These are the 3 most important documents in any Estate Plan.



Specify who will receive your assets and who will look after any minor children. A Will helps avoid fights and confusion. Learn about how to deal insurance, properties & other assets.


Use a Trust to stagger your gifts over time to young children, elderly parents and charities. Learn a basic and affordable trust structure that any family can have – including your own.


As we live longer, there is a higher chance we could lose mental capacity. An LPA lets you specify who should look after you and how.


• Broad introduction into Modern Estate Planning & its growing relevance

• Basics of various legal instruments for estate planning: Wills, Trusts, and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Form 1

• This module counts towards attaining CEPA Level 1 Certification by Legasy Planners.

  • Introduction
    What is Modern Estate Planning?
  • Wills Planning
    What if no Will?
    Persons in the Will
    Dealing with various assets – insrance, bank accounts, properties, digital assets
  • Trusts Planning
    Every family can and should have a trust
    Will Trusts
  • Last Power of Attorney (LPA) Form 1
    What if there is no LPA?
    Choosing donees
    Registering the LPA
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Course Duration

8 hours over 1 day or 2 half days.

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